Giving Hope: The Best Way to Make a Difference

    "Each day everyone must endeavor to do a golden deed by helping those who are in need for our lives on earth is like a dream, and so we must do the best we can do for the well being of humanity." - His Excellency, His Eminence. Cardinal prof Esapa Sona Joseph Dominion JP. IHRD. (World President of The International Parliment for Safety, Peace and Justice.) The lord be with you. Amen.

What we do

With the support of generous individuals like you, we have been able to touch the lives of countless individuals and communities.

The International Parliment for Safety, Peace and Justice serves as a platform to carry out charitable activities to assist the less privileged, the down trodden in our society, especially to those who have suffered as a result of wars, deathly conflict and all kind of crisis in their communities.

IPSPJ seeks to invite as many goodwill people, Governments charitable organizations and Ministries to support the Vision and Mission of IPSPJ by providing financial and martial assistance to touch millions of lives and to put smiles in faces and to make a difference in other peoples lives on earth.

Your little assistance can go a long way to save lives and families from suffering, Hunger and poverty. IPSPJ has put in place activities to Empower many lives in different parts of the world through Free Skills Acquisition, Workshops, Training of the Youths in different Skills and assisting the less privileged, the Widows, the Orphans and the elderly.

For any assistance and support, Send your donations to

These Online Bank Details


United Bank of Africa (UBA)

Account Name: International Parliament for Safety, Peace and Justice.

Dollars Account Number: 3003003869.

Nigeria Naira Account Number: 1023531335.


CFA Cameroon

Account Name: IPSPJ

Account Number: 07031000482.


UMB Sunyani Ghana

Account Name: IPSPJ

Account Number: 3003003869.